Is Vaseline good for dry feet? We Speak

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dry feet

Petroleum jelly or petrolatum is obtained from petroleum as well as paraffin; it is totally safe for health and brings great benefits to the body, from relief to dry lips to fight cracked feet. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons, tasteless, odorless and has a pasty consistency. In past decades it was used to treat…

Right Shoes for Sweat Stopping

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The smell of feet can be due to many causes. Normally, the most common are lack of hygiene, excessive bacterial multiplication, sweating, etc. These are some home remedies to keep your feet from sweating in shoes. What causes the bad smell? The hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating affects about 3% of the population. In turn, this…

How do you make hand cream for dry hands? We Answer

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Nowadays, thanks to advances in the area of aesthetics, the market offers several types of products designed to hydrate different areas of the body, including the hands, since sometimes they tend to get rough and dry The hands are, without a doubt, one of the parts of the body that have more tasks to do…

How can You make your hands look younger?

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The cold, the hot, the sun, the water, the household products and the passing time leave traces on the hands. Constantly exposed to external aggressions, they need to be treated so as not to show signs of premature aging You might be thinking how to make my hands look younger! If you want to avoid…

Leaving lavender oil in your hair overnight: What You Can Do?

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lavender oil

The use of oils in the preparation of home remedies for hair care is something that has become popular in recent times. Among these oils, lavender has become one of the favorite oils within this group of natural products, due to the properties of lavender for hair. How does lavender oil improve hair health? The…