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Washing face after face mask: What You Should?

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Face masks are a good way to take care of your skin and are part of all complete beauty routines. And you supposed to wash off sheet masks if it is the rule to do so. But, how to use them concretely? Should it be done differently if it is a clay face mask or…

The difference between shower gel and soap

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Bath or shower time is one of the favorite moments of the day. After a busy day at work there is nothing we like more than getting into the bathtub, relaxing and forgetting all the worries. However, when you are in the shower, you focus so much on avoiding problems that you often forget the…

How to use bar soap or body wash?

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Body wash, also known as shower or bath gel, is a generic term for liquid soap that is used to clean the body during the bath / shower. Most people wonder why they should use bar soap or body wash while they have used bar soap for a lifetime. Well here are some of the…