The difference between shower gel and soap

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Bath or shower time is one of the favorite moments of the day. After a busy day at work there is nothing we like more than getting into the bathtub, relaxing and forgetting all the worries.

However, when you are in the shower, you focus so much on avoiding problems that you often forget the hydration needs of your skin and do not use the right products. Body soap or shower gel? What should you use to look clean and healthy skin? Why shower gel better than soap?

Feeling it a lot for hand soap lovers, you make plea for the gel. And these are the reasons:

It is the most hygienic product

If what you want is to get out of the shower cleaner than you entered, then there is no doubt: the gel is your great ally.


Although body soap contains a multitude of natural and ecological compounds, the truth is that it is formed almost entirely by water, between shower gel vs soap, which is the ideal medium for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, causing the appearance of annoying granites and other irritations on the skin.

For its part, the gel will always be immune to the ‘bugs’ being in a closed container. Of course, to ensure complete hygiene, it is advised to you to clean your sponges or shower cloths often. Do not forget!

There is a gel for each skin type

Dry, sensitive, mixed, fat no matter what type of skin you have, you will always find a gel adapted to your ‘beauty’ needs.

And, in addition to cleaning, you are interested (and very much) that the products we use in the shower provide our skin with nutrients so that it looks healthier than ever. Current gels are moisturizing and contain oils that are essential for drier or strained skin.

shower gel

While, for the most sensitive skin, it is best to opt for specific cleansers that do not contain detergents that are too aggressive. In the case of having oily skin, you can use any type of gel as long as it contains a pH 5.5, as this will prevent the appearance of pimples.

It is easier to use

It seems silly but when you have a busy to find the difference between shower gel and soap and do not have time just to dedicate yourself, the most practical is to use a product that allows you to be ready in just a few minutes.

And, yes, as you’ve already learned, shower gel is king in this regard. Just by putting the content in a sponge and mixing it with water you will get rid of all external contaminants and show off a completely clean skin in just a few seconds. There is nothing more one can want.