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Can you use hand soap for hair? We Speak

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wash hair with soap

The way to healthy hair is high-quality and natural products for their growth, beauty and elasticity. The safest and reliable are natural hair products, which incorporate homemade soap. Making use of it, you will promptly see the distinction, since it can truly change hair. That is why it is vital realizing to use hand soap…

Tips to wash hair with water only

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wash hair with water

With the expansion of toxic chemicals going into your personal care products it isn’t surprising why individuals receive alternatives. A couple hundred years’ prior, washing your hair sans chemicals would have been typical. Today it appears to be abnormal or even unhygienic; yet a few people are turning around to conventional strategies for haircare. In…

Leaving lavender oil in your hair overnight: What You Can Do?

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lavender oil

The use of oils in the preparation of home remedies for hair care is something that has become popular in recent times. Among these oils, lavender has become one of the favorite oils within this group of natural products, due to the properties of lavender for hair. How does lavender oil improve hair health? The…