Leaving lavender oil in your hair overnight: What You Can Do?

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The use of oils in the preparation of home remedies for hair care is something that has become popular in recent times.

Among these oils, lavender has become one of the favorite oils within this group of natural products, due to the properties of lavender for hair.

How does lavender oil improve hair health?

The list of benefits that lavender can bring to general well-being is wide, but we, as always, focus on those that directly affect the health of hair and natural cosmetics, several of these advantages in the use lavender essential oil for hair all night is discussed in this post.

Helps promote hair growth

Use lavender oil for hair at night has recently been known to stimulate hair growth.

Human studies are still needed to prove these benefits of oil, however the use of lavender oil in our hair can be done without fear of any risk.

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It is antimicrobial

The lavender plant has anti-microbial characteristics, like many other natural hair oils, this property of lavender makes its use may also be indicated if what we are looking for is to prevent or combat fungi or some other type of bacteria that may affect our body.

It can help prevent or kill head lice

A 2011 study found that the benefits of lavender essential oil for hair could be to help prevent head lice. You can even kill them and free us from this annoying and fearsome hair condition.

It can help slow the inflammation of the skin

Lavender happens to be used sometimes as a home therapy for inflammation and burns of your skin. Its use in the form of essential oil can be good for inflammation and dryness of the scalp.

It has a calming effect

As an extra benefit, the aroma of lavender is especially pleasant. Smelling lavender can be the key to getting calm and relaxation in your nervous system.

There are experiments and studies that have shown that people, who underwent them, generated an increase in pleasure and managed to raise both their mental relaxation and a positive energy effect on their mood after continuously inhaling the aroma of lavender.

For your hair growth massage the hair with a few drops of lavender oil previously diluted in a little water, starting with the scalp and moving to the ends. You should leave lavender oil in your hair overnight and wash your hair the next morning. It is about 3 times a week; hair loss is markedly reduced.