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Tips to take care of my feet at home

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Surely you have tired of hearing that feet are a very important part and that is how foot care should be a habit in your day to day. And yet it is one of those parts of your body that many of do not pay the attention they deserve. When quality is no longer expensive,…

Is Vaseline good for dry feet? We Speak

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Petroleum jelly or petrolatum is obtained from petroleum as well as paraffin; it is totally safe for health and brings great benefits to the body, from relief to dry lips to fight cracked feet. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons, tasteless, odorless and has a pasty consistency. In past decades it was used to treat…

Right Shoes for Sweat Stopping

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The smell of feet can be due to many causes. Normally, the most common are lack of hygiene, excessive bacterial multiplication, sweating, etc. These are some home remedies to keep your feet from sweating in shoes. What causes the bad smell? The hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating affects about 3% of the population. In turn, this…