Is Vaseline good for dry feet? We Speak

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Petroleum jelly or petrolatum is obtained from petroleum as well as paraffin; it is totally safe for health and brings great benefits to the body, from relief to dry lips to fight cracked feet. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons, tasteless, odorless and has a pasty consistency.

In past decades it was used to treat the scratchy hands of grandmothers; however, it is currently widely used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, of course and cannot be missing inside your makeup bag to alleviate any beauty problem.

Benefits of Vaseline for the feet

It is quite common for the feet to suffer from dryness due to the use of unsuitable footwear, the very prolonged use of closed shoes, fungi or infections, even for more serious diseases, can also occur due to the lack of phyla grin which is the protein that offers elasticity and moisture to the skin.


Dry and cracked feet are not attractive at all, especially when you love to wear open shoes i.e. sandals and flip flops.

But believing petroleum jelly with this theme is really miraculous and Vaseline helps dry skin on feet and you can say goodbye to dry feet and leave cracks behind.

Vaseline is good for dry feet and a wonderful product to moisturize and moisturize the feet, making you look beautiful, healthy and very soft in a short time.

Petrolatum is also used to exfoliate therefore it is excellent for heels with cracks, eliminates dead cells and scales present.

How to use petroleum jelly on cracked feet?

To eliminate the cracks and dryness of your feet with the help of using Vaseline for dry feet it is very important that you follow the following steps.

Vaseline for rough feet:

Apply the petroleum jelly on both feet and then put on them cotton socks let the product penetrate overnight, if you comply with these steps have the guarantee that the next day you will wake up with wonderfully soft feet.

Vaseline for cracked feet:

The cracks commonly appear on the heels; therefore, it is very important that before applying petroleum jelly rub them with a pumice stone for two minutes.

Then place enough petroleum jelly to cover the entire flat part of both feet, giving much more priority to the heels leave for at least 12 hours, it is not necessary to use cotton socks.