How to use bar soap or body wash?

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Body wash, also known as shower or bath gel, is a generic term for liquid soap that is used to clean the body during the bath / shower.

Most people wonder why they should use bar soap or body wash while they have used bar soap for a lifetime. Well here are some of the reasons why is bar soap better than body wash.

They are easy to use

Bar soap can be slippery and sometimes removing soap residue can be exhausting. The body gel, on the other hand, comes in a bottle, so it is easy to use, just apply the amount you want on the hand or sponge without wasting it.

They are an alternative to shampoo

Some (most) are easy to foam, so they can also be used as a hair shampoo. Just look at the manufacturer’s specifications.

They are scrubs

Exfoliation use to involve the dead skin cell removal on the outer surface of it. Shower gels are better in cleansing the body due to the liquid that has the properties and nutrients necessary for gentle exfoliation. More if you use it with a sponge.

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They are moisturizing

Moisturizing gels contain formulas to prevent the skin from becoming too dry or oily, such as light and non-greasy water-based moisturizers.

Most of them are also moisturizers. This means that they can be less drying than bar soaps.

They keep the skin healthy

Most body gels can help infuse water and essential oils into the skin, which helps protect it from the elements, especially during cold weather. Some also contain vitamin E and other nutrients that are beneficial to your skin.

They are protective against bacteria

Some are antibacterial and help kill germs by cleaning up dirt, excess oil, smell, sweat and skin makeup. They can help inhibit body odor that can occur when germs naturally multiply in the skin.

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They last longer than bar soaps

Soaps are more likely to be wasted. Most likely, some of the soap is lost due to moisture or when left in a wet soap dish. Shower gels are restricted inside their tube type containers and are immune to moisture problems. Furthermore, it is easier to “squeeze” a more measured amount of gel.

Better to take them with you

For example, when going to the shower in the gym, it is more comfortable to carry a shower gel between bar soap vs body wash, since it can be left with water inside and wet your things in the bag when leaving the shower. In addition, if you keep the soap moist, it will remain soft and will end quickly.