Washing face after face mask: What You Should?

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Face masks are a good way to take care of your skin and are part of all complete beauty routines. And you supposed to wash off sheet masks if it is the rule to do so. But, how to use them concretely? Should it be done differently if it is a clay face mask or a fabric face mask? And above all, should you wash face after mask?

It is suggested that you go over the different types of face masks and tell you the way of making the most of their advantages.

Clay face mask

Yes, you must rinse a clay face mask. Most have a creamy texture when applied, but for most clay masks, just allow them to dry and then remove the clay with a soft cloth.

On the other hand, no need to use a facial cleanser after a clay mask, because the objective of a clay mask is to remove impurities from the skin.

It is best to put a moisturizer right after your clay mask to nourish the skin.

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Fabric face mask

Unlike clay face masks, the main purpose of a fabric mask is to moisturize the skin.

The fabric face masks are soaked in a serum that provides maximum hydration to your skin.

Preferably apply your fabric mask on clean, dry skin, then leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.

There is no need to rinse or cleanse the skin after a fabric face mask, but for even more hydration, you can finish your treatment by applying your night cream.

Face mask with mud

It is being said like that, it’s not very attractive, but mud face masks exist, and they even purify and mortify the skin effectively!

A mud mask will not dry completely after installation, but just like a clay mask, it must be removed completely after installation.

What you should know is that a mud face mask provides much more hydration to the skin than a clay mask.

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Night face mask

Night masks are perfect if you have dehydrated and desiccated skin, because they have a restorative action which is all the more effective at night, while you sleep.

They should be rinsed off, but only the next morning, after leaving the mask on overnight. Then wash face after face mask like you used to do every morning.

Eye mask

Like fabric masks, eye masks are soaked in serum and do not need to be rinsed or removed.

They can be used in the morning before applying makeup or in the evening, and it is even possible to make a face mask and an eye mask at the same time for a good relaxing break.

Generally speaking, even if you find that your skin is soft after having a mask, don’t forget to put your cream on day or night, and don’t make this mistake that all make when put the moisturizer!