How do you make hand cream for dry hands? We Answer

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Nowadays, thanks to advances in the area of aesthetics, the market offers several types of products designed to hydrate different areas of the body, including the hands, since sometimes they tend to get rough and dry

The hands are, without a doubt, one of the parts of the body that have more tasks to do per day and that in turn, have to be in contact with different surfaces, products and environments that usually affect their image.

Like any other part of the skin, hands need special care, as they tend to lose hydration and are sometimes affected by various environmental factors that can alter them. You can easily make hand cream for dry hands and use it.

However, there is some natural hand cream recipe for dry hands that are healthy for your care and that, with a constant application, could help improve rough and dry hands in a short time.

How to take care of your hands every day?

Oil and soap

For each wash, remember to place next to the soap or foaming liquid, a bottle of virgin argon oil or jojoba.

Add a small number of oil drops to your hands while soaping them. You will reduce the aggressive effect of the washing and your hands will then be soft.

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This ingredient acts as a cleanser and exfoliator that reduces impurities accumulated in the hands and prevents dry skin. In addition, it contains proteins that prevent the loss of moisture and keep the skin hydrated, improving the appearance of rough hands.

Coconut oil

The fatty acids in coconut oil and their high antioxidant content contribute to moisturizing rough hands and healing the damage caused by UV damage.

Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil

Aloe Vera is a plant valued in medicine for its high moisturizing and antioxidant power that contributes to cell regeneration and reducing damage caused by free radicals.

With this treatment it enhances its effects with rosehip oil.  It will be useful for curing hands that are suffering from extreme dryness or cracking.

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Orange and honey

This natural remedy combines the antioxidants of orange with the moisturizing properties of honey to heal rough hands and restore their softness.

Natural yogurt

This natural ingredient is a highly recommended and can be chosen for homemade hand cream for dry hands because, in addition to moisturizing, it contains an active called lactic acid.  This acid acts as a natural cleanser and exfoliating agent to remove dead cells and prevent acne.