How to use baking soda in the dishwasher?

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For housewives there may not be a better invention in the kitchen than that dishwasher that makes life easier for us when it comes to removing the dirt and grease installed in the dishes.

As the best invention cannot ignore, in this installment here is a discussion about how to use baking soda in the dishwasher as well as the right amount of vinegar as well.

Clean the dishwasher with vinegar

Vinegar seems then the second best ‘invention’ for the home, it is a substance that cleans and disinfects naturally and non-toxic. We do not exaggerate; it is the best product to clean the dishwasher. A trick to clean the dishwasher and leave it perfect is to use vinegar.

The way to do it is to pour in a cup vinegar halfway approximately and apply it to the base of the dishwasher. Then it has to be put to maximum temperature during a complete cycle and ready a clean and bright dishwasher!

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Well, the recommendation is more than simple. Under the same concept of a washing machine in which it is loaded with soap for washing, it is ideal that the dishwasher be loaded with vinegar in the soap compartment.

Then you must program a cycle at maximum temperature and complete so that the substance passes through the inside of the dishwasher.

In the end you can take a soft cloth and clean the compartments and remove any trace of debris. Ideally, you use white vinegar for this dishwasher cleaning procedure.

It is simple to keep your dishwasher impeccable, your kitchen will be the result of cleaning and hygiene, yes, not to mention the brightness of your dishes.

Tips for cleaning the dishwasher

  • Wear gloves to avoid touching stored dirt.
  • Do not unscrew to clean any part of the dishwasher because then it can be difficult to replace it.
  • For a deeper cleaning, it is best to ask the manufacturer for maintenance.
  • Never mix cleaning products. Use to clean dishwasher with vinegar alone and do not mix with chlorine.
  • Twice a year it is also advisable to remove the blades from the dishwasher to clean the corners and the drain apparatus where dirt has possibly been stored.
  • It is also very important to remove and clean the dishwasher filter, as well as regularly clean the detergent dispenser.

Now that you know the best tips for cleaning dishwasher with vinegar, it’s time to put them into practice so that your kitchen is a clean and sparkling place in your home.