Cocktail: Santa’s Little Helper

  • by crystal
  • December 8th, 2015


Baby, its cold outside!

Freezing temps don’t mean you’re tied to warm drinks all winter– in fact, some of our favorite winter drinks are on ice. Let the flavors (and lets be honest, the booze) warm you from the inside out. Our favorite cold-weather cocktails are made up of fresh flavors that invoke the holiday spirit. Winter flavors like blood orange, pomegranate, ginger, cranberry and rosemary make their way onto our palate and into your glass with cocktails like Santa’s Little Helper.

Here’s how to make Santa’s Little Helper in six easy steps!

1. To get started, you’ll need to head to the store and pickup a few items. Here is everything you’ll need:

1 Bottle CapRock Vodka
1 Bag of Fresh Cranberries
1 Fresh Lemon
1 Cup Sugar
2 Cups Water
1 Small Clamshell of Fresh Rosemary

2. Once you have all your ingredients, start by making simple syrup:
Measure 1 cup of water and bring to a boil. Add 1 cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. Set aside and let cool.

3. Then, make a rosemary tea:
Measure another cup of water and bring to a boil. This time add 2-3 sprigs of rosemary and reduce heat to simmer for 5-10 minutes (the longer it simmers, the stronger the rosemary flavor will be). Remove from heat and let cool.

4. Next, you’ll need a cocktail shaker and muddler:
Squeeze 2-3 lemon wedges (aim for .75oz of fresh lemon juice) and .75oz of simple syrup into a cocktail shaker, then add 4-6 fresh cranberries. Use a muddler or wooden spoon to smash cranberries until they’re pretty much pulverized and all their flavor is seeping out. Add a splash of rosemary tea (roughly .75oz) to taste.

5. Add booze!
Measure 1.5oz of CapRock Vodka and add to shaker along with ice. Shake!

6. Enjoy responsibly:
Strain into a glass with fresh ice, garnish with an extra sprig of rosemary, and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Then, thank us and let us know how much you enjoyed your cocktail in the comments section.


And to recap, here is the full recipe:

Santa’s Little Helper
1.5oz CapRock Vodka
.75oz Fresh-Squeezed Lemon Juice
.75oz Simple Syrup
.75oz Rosemary Tea
4-6 Fresh Cranberries


Cheers and happy holidays from 3 Chicks Bartending. We would love to make this or any of our other winter cocktails for your Denver or Boulder event! Beverage catering is our specialty, so let us handle prep, planning, setup, etc. so you can spend time with your guests. Call or email today for more information!

Kate & Alex | Evergreen, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • July 25th, 2014

Its been a while since we have been at the Evergreen Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park (the last time was almost two years ago for Kelly and Trevor’s wedding) and it was great to be back, it is a beautiful venue! Rustic with some great stained glass, lights, and views to boot!



There is a moment in every wedding that makes my heart melt (or even gets me a little choked up), and at Kate and Alex’s wedding it was during their fist dance, pictured below. Pure happiness, his smile couldn’t be any bigger and I’m so glad I caught it.


The Source | Denver, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • July 2nd, 2014

Recently we were lucky enough to pair with Slow Food Denver for an event at the Source in Denver. Such a great space, there are artisanal shops, restaurants, and a bar in the middle where we were posted up serving (obviously) delicious farm-to-bar cocktails. Check it out here and take a trip down there next weekend for some shopping, food, and fun!


Sarah & Shane | Lyons Farm Wedding

  • by crystal
  • June 30th, 2014

After all this fussy weather full of afternoon storms, Sarah and Shane got lucky with the most beautiful night in Lyons! It made for a great evening at the Farmette with a great crew– they didn’t even mind when we told them they had to dance for their drinks.

Now that the farm is in full swing we were able to pick some fresh lavender, pea shoots, and chamomile fresh from the field to garnish cocktails. Doesn’t get much closer than that for farm-to-bar cocktails!





Lyons Farmette | Lyons, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • June 14th, 2014

Big things happening at the Farmette this weekend! Its your usual run-of-the-mill wedding craziness as per usual– and just to make things a bit more exciting, a brand new baby alpaca was born! You can see his friend here, who was born two weeks ago. Check out their farm CSA here, and go visit the new babies!


Kelly & Trevor | Evergreen, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • June 12th, 2014

I was just going through some files and came across these gems from Kelly and Trevor’s wedding at the Barn at Evergreen Park. This was the first time we had ever worked an event at the Barn and we were blown away! As the sun set the rustic barn transformed into a romantic dreamscape, it left quite an impression on us and needless to say I was thrilled to find these photos.

Lucky for me Kelly and her dad had to walk right past the bar on their way to walk down the isle. I snapped this picture of them enjoying one last moment together before Kelly said ‘I do!’

 kelly and trevor wedding bride

kelly and trevor wedding cocktails

kelly and trevor wedding barn

kelly and trevor wedding bar


Natalie & Orion’s Wedding | Lyons, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • June 11th, 2014

When the flowers are in bloom at the Farmette (which–lets be honest–is always) its quite the perfect setting for a wedding. For Natalie’s wedding we had the bar set up in the field, surrounded by beautiful pink flowers. Without a cloud in the sky there was no worry of the bar being rained out, so we stayed out in the field all night!

I love her escort as she heads down the aisle, he was quite dapper!

Natalie green wedding farmette

natalie green farmette wedding

No line, no waiting | Lyons, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • June 10th, 2014

We love Farmette weddings! Betsy has done such a great job on making the space feel warm and welcoming– even on chilly June days.


Emily & Steven’s Wedding | Lyons, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • June 9th, 2014

One very happy bride at the Lyons Farmette today– a little rain didn’t deter her from enjoying the moment!


Chicks Behind the Bar! | Lyons, Colorado

  • by crystal
  • May 12th, 2014

Just getting ready for guests to arrive at our favorite bar! (hint…its in Lyons, they have goats, and amazing flowers)


jamie dodson wedding lyons colorado